About Sheri Dawn Thomas 

Sheri Dawn Thomas is an accomplished humanitarian, activist, producer, speaker, manager, singer, songwriter, actress, publicist, promoter, event planner, and agent. 

"As we move into a new paradigm and the pendulum swings, bringing the balance back, we are experiencing a much destined universal shift.  As a collective consciousness new feelings, ideas and miracles become part of a great awakening.  This is the fertile womb for healing and creation.  Breakdown and break through is a necessary step in this inward and higher vibrational shift.  We all feel it and somewhere in our souls we feel it.  We cannot fight the river's flow.  When we surrender, great things emerge.  Desire stirs into this mix of new fire and gives birth to newness.  Love and light overpower all.  The awakened soul rises from the old ash and is transmuted.  Fears and doubts are flooded with peace where the sky, the ocean, and the land meets.  Universal life forms desire the homeward sensation of unification.  The power circles of control (Rings of Power) begin to breakdown.  Energy "hits" of truth, equality, peace, love, light, and gratitude become the focus.  Old systems of manipulation, propaganda, control, induced fear, and false ownership lose their power.  It only take a small percentage of humanity to create a "shift" in the world by just the simple first step of "desire" for good.  To step away from the old patterns of consumerism, control, power, and all illusions the ego based mind functions in the world of.  The higher spirit awakens to a state of peace.  The force within, the force of all creation.  No sacrifice, no sale, no take over, no bail.  Just the sureender into our true beingness of SOVEREIGNTY.  We are all SOVEREIGNTY in the eyes of CREATOR".

"Passion is the fuel that will lead all humanity to connect with our true essence in all circumstances, our freedoms, ideas, inspirations, roots, creativity, solutions, leadership, honor, and to step into our true "roles" in "Heaven's Divine Play".  Some are here as "gifts" for those here on earth school to expand their light by saving those in need (Darfur for example).  Some our hear to be a light through darkness.  It is time for the removal of the media seeds of lies, global government control, the endless need to take and consume.  This direction was created be design and for power in the hands of the few.  This agenda by design has been in the workings longer than most need to know.  It's not the ends of times, but the beginning of LIGHT and the expansion of LOVE and LIGHT in our souls.   There is no "right time, right insight, right type, right style, right look, right sound". This is an illusion/distraction to trick the free spirit. Step into the role  that is a trule gift to all, your talent and skill and just "be".   All that is "right" is that which is true in your heart, but can you hear your heart? If you feel you need to be cleared of negativities attachments just ask CREATOR to guide you in through this clearing.  You will KNOW when it FEELS right.  This is a FEELING universe.  We are all vibrational energies.  Follow this rythm, this vibration that feels right with you.  Deep in your heart you will know. Listen and then walk to the rhythm of your own beat. The beat of your own heart..."

Sheri stands for those who believe in their heart of hearts who they are and follow that voice. This is what puts one on the cutting edge and the manifestation of of who we "truly" are.
  We are great light beings.  Far from one dimensional, Sheri always finds herself on the forefront of change with endless energy as she moves through this open door.  Following the beat of one's heart is the road Sheri follows and shares with others.  Spending many years working for some of the largest entertainment companies, and many gifted individuals and having been mentored by some of the most 'enlightened' of beings, Sheri is equipped with the unique tools needed for change on levels yet to be seen. Sheri has the unique ability to bring out the gifts in others with her teachings and help them move to the 'next level'. 

With many years in the music and film industry and surrounded by great producers & songwriters, Sheri has created timeless music, an award nominated song, producing & writing with amazing talents, and the tracking of songs for feature film.  The passion to tell stories through music is something Sheri holds dear. She has also enjoyed some radio and voice over work. Sheri has appeared in several successful feature films such as Armageddon, The Godson, A Very Bad Thing, Blade, Basketball,  Silicon Valley, Double D Avenger, and a Night at the Roxbury. She has also appeared in several television shows and has enjoyed some theater.  Sheri's training came from the gracious Tracy Roberts and several other wonderful mentors.

Sheri explains, "Corporate structure has devalued the essence of individuality that is essential in the creative world of film, television, and music.  Without it we are just uninspired realty television, remakes of old songs, old story lines, and an over all lack of originality. Now is the time to let go of all that old baggage and lies. It is now time to put down the video gaming, remotes, and all over indulgant mind erasing electronic devices designed to pre occupy the mind.  It is time for spirit and nature and it is now The Hour for great changes."

Most recently Sheri has spent a great deal of time in Marketing & Public Relations for Eco-Friendly technologies, solutions, and programs. (www.extremegreen.orgThis has allowed her to see our Blue Planet and the "Arts" and a deeper understanding of how we can help each other successfully and with true understanding.  As one of the earlier members of Earth Communication Office (ECO), Sheri has dug down deep into the solutions of our Humanity and the change needed now while nurturing these ideas in the arts. Operating as the Public Relations Director for the Global Live H2o "Concert for the Living Waters", Sheri also branched off into co-producing a festival called, Pasadena "Water to Darfur".  The event included vendors, performers, speakers, and music filling the air with positive energy, sustainable solutions, and the acknowledgment of the power of unity and intentions of peace. With over 50 venues participating all over the world sharing the same intention of peace at the same time. The intention of a "shift" is created as a result of the collective consciousness of many. The shift of bringing our planet to a higher vibration or frequency which brings about positive change was the desire from this world wide event. (June 20th & 21st 2009)

Sheri explains, "The Pasadena Water to Darfur event shed light on two key points that "being the solution" and having a 'first project to receive the solution'. The 'solution' is water.  The 'first project to receive the solution' is Darfur.  Darfur is an 'opportunity' for the human spirit to awaken and for us to be the hero's we were born to be. We are here and we can champion their cause.  Genecide is an 'in your face' way of saying we will kill you, you will not see it coming, and we have the power.  The global elitists Billionaire's Boys Club Banksters who have profited from these crimes against humanity have united with all their money and sources to be one.  They are grouped into rings of power like a spider creates a web.  One cannot destro the other as it would destroy itself.  This shadow of existence has no power once we claim our birthright and step into our roles. They are making sure the general masses are too busy working, consuming, being depleted of energy and sources while living unaware of the beast that is being built.  The Vatican controls all Judeo-Christian religions and is the richest corporation in the world.  The most powerful military world police is based there (elected from the inside brotherhoods) and has its highest knighted ranked officials in all positions of leadership across this planet. The banksters who are in alliance with the royal and richest families (billionaires) of the world consider themselves a sone with the red carpet eliists.    As long as they all get along and comply with the agenda of complete universal control and take over they continue to unite and conspire against humanity whom they call cattle.  They have a name for this 'Blueprint for Global Enslavement'.  It's called the "culling".  Their GOD - 1) Gold 2) Oil 3) Drugs (including perscribed) are the most powerful resources at this time and they are used to control the 'cattle.  The land and resources that these elitsist own are over 95% of this world's sources.  They are less than 1% of the worlds population and they did not earn it and they don't care about the rest of the population except for those they want to allow to live to 'serve them'.  Please do not rely on the media they own. Associated Press and Rueters is the direct source for ALL main stream news and this is part of their empire.  The next GOLD that they want is BLUE GOLD -WATER.  Humans cannot live without fresh water."

Sheri continues to explain, "It is time for us to strengthen the human heart with action.  This is for OUR CHILDRN. This is the beginning of bringing the human spirit into the place of leadership.  This has more power than all sources that they think they rule by.  The elitist KNOW we are waking up and TIME is no longer on their side".

"Think about it.  Where thoughts go energy flows. If we look at one model community in need of immediate attention and enough of us look we then place positive energy in that direction.  When the positive energy goes into that direction then the intentions will flow.  This is a sacred principle of our existance.  A Universal Law. When the intentions of that flow come from a large group of 'like-minded' individuals then that thought or intention will manifest into a reality. Science has proven this theory over & over again as we have seen in the experiments of the 'hundredth-monkey effect'. This is a 'shift' in the collective consciousness that I am speaking of.  'We are all one' as a 'collective mind'.  This is why the 'masses' can and do feel together AND change and create together. We must first look. Where thoughts go (look) energy flows.  We don't question this theory as it has proven to be one of the great laws of the universe and laws of attraction. Do we question nature and ask how the water moves through the tree trunk to the top of the highest redwood tree under incredible circumstances?  No.  We 'let it be'.  Once the seed is planted we let the powers of the Universe do its magic!"

"Now, clean healthy water is an immediate need in every community including Darfur.  When attention is brought to Darfur, for example, with enough 'like-minded' individuals we then all focus and look.  The truth cannot hide itself BUT it must be seen with 'open eyes'.  Focus and look.  Many people have a difficult time looking at truth AND looking with open eyes. This focus and look will start the flow. With enough collective energy a great shift can be created. We are all energy.  We are summoners of energy.  With enough like minded that understand these principles great changes are right in front of us.  Darfur is one opportunity to help us all to awaken to our power and become hero's.  Life is opportunity to rise into the "higher being" that we are.  The 'ascension'.  It is important to understand that we need to address the 'adversities' with lightness, not obsess on them. We need to obsess on the 'solutions'.  We must always focus on the 'positive'.  We acknowledge the 'problem' lightly as not to empower it but to see it as the 'doorway' to solutions. Where thoughts go energy flows.  Find your 'mission' and energize it".

"Energy cannot flow where there is obstruction. As long as the air waves are clear we can create. So what does that mean? It means that we must all be clear, clear from propoganda, lies, distractions, poisons, and those 'elements' that dummy down the mind.  Media, has embodied a great deal of these obstructions.  Media and propanga constantly bombards the mind to buy, consume, and use.  This has become a 'downtime' for most people.  SHOP. So we look at it the situation as a doorway from the past and onto solutions of the now. Clear the cluttered energy.  Look into clearing old attachments and old ghosts.  Learn to truely listen and feel. Our bodies are truth mechanismsIf something doesn't feel right ther is something not right. Our bodys are our light force.  Now focus on what we want to see and place all positive energy on what was once there.  Remove the negartive memory or energy.  Surrender this negative energy to SOURCE. We summon the good energy that feels right. The pineal gland is the great entrance for the higher powers of wisdom.  This is what been under attacked by the many energies including the media.  There is a reason the pineal gland has been so highly regarding in the most ancient of civilizations. They, even then, understood the power of the "higher mind". The pineal gland is cosidered the place where 'higher wisdom' enters.  Let's focus on keeping this sacred, clear, and awake".

"Now back to the subject of water.  The great conduit element of energy.  Water is our miracle drug and water is everywhere including our own bodies. So ironic isn't it?  Our own Blue Planet has always had the solution in our own back yard for most everything we really need and yet the negative energies we purge into our waters are the same energies that give rise to all the negative elements of our existance and planet.  We have poisoned and dumped garbage into Mother Earth's body of water.  What are we saying? All life grows in the womb.  Water is a transmitter of thoughts.  It transforms, it recycles, it nurishes, it cleans, and the list goes on. Water is the great conduit for energy. Every life form is energy. Water has become the new limited resource and is now being coined as the new "Blue Gold". Why? because healthy clean water is limited on our planet and mankind cannot survive without water.  Take away the water, take control.  We need to take our power back for our children. Again, we see this as a doorway to the solutions. There are endless ways to use water to heal.  I guess the magic word is HEAL.  We must address and shed light everywhere there are dark and selfish acts.  We must heal those wounds and hold those accountable for those acts. I love the following quotes..."

"Water is the driving force of all nature" - Leonardo DaVinci

"Empty your mind. Be formless & shapeless like
water.  You put water in a bottle it becomes the bottle. Water can flow or it can crash. Be water"  - Bruce Lee

"Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock which is rigid and cannot yield.  As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what ever is soft is strong" - Lao Tzu (Taoist Philosopher)

"We let a river shower its banks with a spirit that invades the people living there, and we protect that river, knowing that without its blessings the people have no source of soul" - Thomas Moore

"A river sings a holy song conveying the mysterious truth that we are a river, and if we are ignorant of this natural law, we are lost"

"All things are connected, like the blood that runs in your family.  The water's murmur is the voice of my father's father.  The river's are our brothers.  They quench our thirst.  They carry our canoes and feed our children.  You must give to the rivers the kindness you would give to any brother" - Chief Seattle

"Every human should have the idea of taking care of the environment, of nature, of water.  So using too much or wasting water should have some kind of feeling or sense of concern. Some sort of responsibility and with that, a sense of discipline" - Dalai Lama
"We are are now in the Age of Aquarius.  The time of Unity. With enough of us focusing on one area together we can then create a shift in that area.  One solution at a time.  The "key" is unification of our hearts and our missions.  This is not what we are programmed to believe, but where 'our' truth moves us. It is time to no longer dwell on the fears, histories, and tragedies of mankind, but to focus on only the solutions.  Hold those accountable and empower the energy to dismantle those powers. Let those thoughts be only positive, work throught the anger, release,  and the answers will reveal themselves.  Just BELIEVE and LET IT BE."

"We have an obligation in the arts to focus on the seeds we plant as a "positive" not dwelling on crime, rape, death, deceit, destruction, hate, conflict, and adversity.  These now become our doorways to the new focus. They become the doorway to empowerment.  We live in a paradox where light and dark coexist. It is our obligation to expose and shed light where there is darkness and then really ignite the 'light'. Step back and see what your lifestyle supports.  Think about your deepest dreams.  Repression of your shadow side will create more darkness in your life.  Energize the shows, films, or projects that support such 'light'. 
There is a deep seeded love I have that goes beyond words.  Universal LOVE gives us the ability to see beyond our personal circumstances and go into the unknown and expand the light.  I am seeking out the great hero's of life.  I champion their cause and their purpose.  The deep seeded love left in our souls, higher spirits feeds desire.  Carry this love with honor and gratitude and the Universe wil manifest more.  In every moment with every breath I keep this oath deep in my heart and sacred.  Thank you for sharing your precious time with my thoughts".

is the Founder of Mission Light, a non-profit organization, focuses on raising awareness and funding towards the creation of proactive solutions to urgent humanitarian & environmental injustices. The approach includes the the utilization of film, television,  music, radio, and events.

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